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Accounts Receivable & Denial Management

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A Systematic and Meticulous Approach To Claims Reimbursement

Healthcare providers experience long receivables cycles that delay revenue, de-stabilize cash flow, fatigue billing teams and frustrate financial management. These elements are further compounded by accurate and inaccurate claims denials. This process can be significantly improved through AAKIRA INFO TECH’s accounts receivable (A/R) and claim denial management services. Our team deploys a systematic and meticulous approach that ensures accurate reimbursement of claims.

A/R management is a vital function that ensures unpaid or unprocessed claims for physicians, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospitals are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Taking a strategic, analytical approach to accounts receivable management is a decisively swift way to achieve significant, tangible, and accurate returns.

Akira's accounts receivable and denial management services are structured to:

AAKIRA INFO TECH team of experienced payment posters possesses an incredible ability to decipher payer remittance, contracts, and payer trends, which enables them to preserve the integrity of the financial data and accurately distinguish how to proceed with the claim.

Patient Access Management

Providing high-quality care means much more than just treating a patient. Ensuring that a patient can access the care they need, when they need it, quickly and efficiently is an important part of the patient's overall satisfaction. Our patient access management solutions provide the necessary tools that ensure the patient information is accurate and readily available at the time of visit so that you can do what matters most, concentrate on care.
Scheduling and pre-registration
Eligibility and benefit verification
Referral and authorization management


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